Review of the Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G5 is a corded laser mouse and is part of Logitech’s G series which are targeted mainly at the gamer market. It has a slot on the underneath where a weight caddy is inserted, it comes with sixteen small weights that can be inserted into the weight caddy which alters the weight and feel of the mouse. Half of the weights are 4.5g and the other half are 1.7g.
While at first it doesn’t seem like the weights would make much of a difference, surprisingly the little weights actually do alter the feel of the mouse considerably. Most people probably wouldn’t notice too much of a difference but the weight of the mouse, however small in contrast it is, can make a pretty big difference to hardcore gamers or anyone that needs their mouse to feel fluid and precise while using it.

The Logitech G5 uses a laser tracking engine and supports up to 5 resolution presets which can be switched between on the mouse itself. The resolution presets can range from 400 dpi to 2000 dpi and are changed in 50 dpi increments. It comes with Logitech’s software called SetPoint, which allows the user to change the different resolution presets and alter many other settings for the mouse.

While you can use the G5 without any additional software, Logitech’s SetPoint is what really makes this mouse shine. It has many options available to alter how the mouse responds, such as modifying the resolution presets, changing how each button interacts in different programs and assigning different bindings to each button.

Logitech is also continually updating the SetPoint software and adding new features to it often.

With it’s 7 buttons and tilt-wheel I found that the Logitech G5 has way more than enough buttons for any game I’ve tried it with. While 2 of the buttons are normally used to switch between the different resolution presets both of them can be changed to do other things as well, or use them as key binds in games.

The durability of the G5 is pretty remarkable. I’ve been using mine for a little over 4 years and haven’t had a single problem with it and I’m pretty rough with it from time to time. Even after traveling with it and using it on a daily basis my G5 still works great and is just as accurate as it was when I first bought it.

For a gaming mouse it’s hard to beat the Logitech G5, it has everything a gamer could need and is incredibly durable and versatile, and the software that it comes with is easy to use and very useful. I highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a cheapĀ gaming mouse that will last them a long while.

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